Used graphic tablet

Between the mouse and the touch screen,
there is space for another report on the screen! This is particularly the case
for users of digital drawing and photomontage software, who swear by graphics
tablets. There is a wide choice of second-hand graphics tablets to suit your

The tool for digital artists

By definition, the graphics tablet is
intended to replace the use of the mouse in computer software. Most often, the
graphics tablet is found in the home of the artist or digital draftsman. The
tablet replaces the mouse and the user draws on the physical surface using a
pen that reacts to pressure and even tilt. The software used will then be
digital drawing, photo retouching, photomontage or 3D modeling software for
animation or video games. But graphic tablets can also be used to digitally
sign a document without having to print and scan it.

A question of size

There is a wide range of graphic tablets
for all levels of practice, from digital drawing to photo retouching and
photomontage. There are shelves of varying sizes depending on the space
available and the user’s workspace requirements. The Wacom Intuos Pro range is
available in a variety of sizes: Small has a 7.5″ screen, Large has a
generous 10″ screen.

With or without display

The graphics tablet comes as a complement
to a computer. It cannot operate as a stand-alone unit without being connected
to a laptop or desktop PC! However, some tablets do have a screen which allows
you to draw without taking your eyes off the pen and the surface. This is the
case with the XP-PEN Artist tablet. If the tablet does not have a screen, you
need to look at your computer to follow the pen’s path in real time.